Why Integrated Marketing?

  • Increase Brand

    Integrated marketing helps your brand be more consistent across all channels and get audience to recognize your brand wherever they are.
  • Optimize

    Integrated marketing communicates your key message better. With better communication, your brand can reduce marketing spending to achieve the same or greater marketing results.
  • Increase Brand

    A lot of brands ignore brand retention in their marketing strategy. The truth is brand retention is one of the most cost efficient marketing out there and Momentum makes sure your brand has loyal fans.

How Does
Help Your

We start with a market-first approach. We strive to understand your target market in a more-granular level. Who are they? What are their pain points? Why should they buy your brand?

Only then we will create relevant marketing collaterals targeting them that will increase your conversion rate.

Our Case Studies

Aspena Residences

Building The Preferred Apartment From Scratch


ASPENA Residence is a new apartment complex built by PT Taspen (Persero), which specializes in pension fund and insurance for civil servants.

They are looking to expand their business unit into the property sector and decided to work with us to develop a new apartment complex, ASPENA.


One of the most unique challenges we faced in this branding project is that the Brand is trying to appeal specifically to civil servants.

Our Solution

We started the branding project by conducting a 360 degree research.

Since Taspen itself is a giant brand in Indonesia, we decided to brand its property unit not too far from it, resulting in the name Aspena.

We also created brand strategy that revolves around appealing to that particular target market demography.

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