PT Sentra Modal Harmoni - Brand Identity Development

Client PT Sentra Modal Harmoni
Project Brand Identity & Marketing Strategy Development
Scope of Work Branding, Marketing
Project Duration 6 Months

Established in 2006, PT Sentra Modal Harmoni is a holding company for BPR Nusamba, BPR Mitra Harmoni, BPRS Mitra Harmoni Group, and Mitra Harmoni Insurance Broker. The Company’s subsidiaries are engaged in financial services. In 2019, the Company decided that it’s time for them to refresh their brand to be accepted by the younger Millennial generation.

The logo that we made for Sentra Modal Harmoni represents their values as a trustworthy, holistic, smart, and respectful company that their customers can grow together with.

We used the acronym of Sentra Modal Harmoni (SMH) on the logo because it simplifies the logo and makes it more memorable and bold to the audience.

The 4 sides that form horizontal arrows represent growth and expansion, it also shows the brand’s commitment to unite and reach the customers as equals. It also shows interlacing arrows that symbolize partnership and relationship. The sleek curves represent flexibility and inclusivity in handling all customers’ needs and show modernity. Also, 4 sharp edges inside the box represent the security and protection of assets, also stability that promotes trust and integrity inside the brand.

The color scheme that we use for Sentra Modal Harmoni is to accentuate the smart wisdom, trustworthiness, and stability attributes of the brand. Whereas green represents growth, nurture, and finance.

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