Medifit - Brand Identity Development

Client PT Karya Indah Mitratama
Project Brand Identity Development
Scope of Work Branding, Marketing
Project Duration 4 Months

We are proud to say that we became a one-stop solution in Medifit’s branding process. We came up with big concept ideas up to the production itself. We develop and execute the production process, starting from choosing their name and tagline, then moving to the visual development process (logo), and delivered it as stationaries, website, promotional items, uniforms, packaging, and so on.

The concept for Medifit is that people everywhere do fitness/physical exercises the way they want, without regard to their well beings or actual needs for their body. Whereas Medifit brings a new trend of fitness, “Medical Fitness”, a medically supervised and tailored fitness and wellness lifestyle.

Medifit is short for MEDIcal FITness. We chose this name to communicates the brand’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) effectively, but not sounding too clinic-y, but at the same time, it’s catchy.

The M in the logo is shaped as a cardiograph to create the impression of a healthy heart, signifying exercise and workout, while the M itself symbolizes movement. Whereas the cross in the logo signifies a medical cross and a “plus” sign, signifying improvement and added benefits, further symbolizing what the Brand does. Little dots style represents modern technology.

Other than the main logo, we develop Medifit subsidiaries logo as well, which are Medifit Studio and Medifit Kitchen. Using the color palettes we make sure that the brand expression will always show a healthy and active lifestyle.

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