MaiCha - Visual Brand Identity Development

Client MaiCha
Project Visual Brand Identity Development
Scope of Work Visual Branding, Packaging
Project Duration 3 Months

MaiCha is a Taiwanese beverage selling brand that targets young women. We designed a whole branding concept ideas for the Brand. Starting from choosing name and tagline, then moving to the visual development process (logo), and delivered it as stationery, promotional items, uniform, packagings, and so on.

As for the name, we decided to go with MaiCha, a combination of two words, “Mai”, which sounds like “my” but also means “selling” in Mandarin, and “Cha”, a Mandarin word which means tea that obviously describes what the business.

We implemented a script typeface that represents images of creativity, playful, fun, and carefree. The leaf above the “I” represents a tea leaf. The stroke over “A” letter symbolizes that MaiCha Brand will always be moving forward.

We also provided super graphics alternatives. The first one being their mascot, “ChaCha”, a happy cheerful, cute, and young mascot with red cheeks in water-color style. She wears Taiwanese style clothes and hairstyle to fit the brand’s Taiwanese style. ChaCha also symbolizes the brand’s target market of young women. chose water-colors style with a red cheek little girl

The second one uses a simple and elegant tea leaf. The supergraphics are incorporated into all derivative designs such as logo, packaging, stationery, social media template, menu, promotional items, etc.


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