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PT Taspen Properti Indonesia - Brand Identity Development

Client PT Taspen Properti Indonesia
Project Brand Identity Development
Scope of Work Market Research, Brand Positioning, Brand Identity, Marketing Strategy
Project Duration 5 Months

Aspena Residence is a designed to be the dream residence developed and managed by PT Taspen Properti Indonesia, which is a subsidiary of PT Taspen (Persero), a State-Owned Enterprise that has been trusted to serve insurance and pension fund saving for the State Civil Apparatus (Aparatur Sipil Negara/ASN) for more than 50 years.

Aspena Residence is a form of Taspen’s commitment to giving back to the community, for both ASN and the public. Aspena Residence shall be the pride that thrives in the heart of Tangerang and be the perfect home for the community.

The new apartment project that PT Taspen (Persero) is developing is aiming to be the dream residency in the Tangerang area, where it would be the center of their community’s life, and every lifestyle needs are within reach.

This project challenges us, as we needed to start from scratch, straight from naming the project. This particular project also needed to know their market, competitors, brand story, and most importantly – an identity. Being another apartment built in an area where many other residencies are developed, the project needed to stand out and attract the market.

We chose Aspena Residence as the name for PT Taspen (Persero)’s new apartment project. We try to incorporate the “trustworthy” image that had already been attained by PT Taspen to the name, and we expect people would have the same long-lasting trust in Aspena Residence as they do with PT Taspen.

We performed deep and thorough research regarding their brand values, positioning, and other variables to formulate a powerful branding strategy to secure Aspena Residences’ brand image in the market.

Our work doesn’t stop there. The deep research that we conducted allowed us to create Aspena Residence’s brand story which we took to produce their company profile.

We also developed their visual identity, by creating their logo along with the Graphic Standard Manual, as well as implementing their visual identity to their marketing kit. On top of that, we prepared Aspena Residence to compete in this digital era with a sophisticatedly designed website, as well as their social media campaigns scheme.


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