AESIA - Brand Identity Development

Client Kementerian Keuangan Republik Indonesia
Project Brand Identity & Marketing Strategy Development
Scope of Work Branding, Marketing, Mascot
Project Duration 6 Months

Lembaga Manajemen Aset Negara, under Kementerian Keuangan Republik Indonesia, launched AESIA in early 2020 to answer challenges in property needs, and Momentum is thrilled to contribute to the client’s branding journey.

As the client is focused on optimizing state-owned assets and maximizing ROA, we came up with the name AESIA which stands for “Aset Indonesia”.

Along with the name, we also created “Solusi Properti” as their tagline that positions AESIA in managing the assets comprehensively in a short description.

As for the logo, we tried to incorporate the client’s brand values within the logo. A checkmark symbolizes availability, and for the asset (property) shape chose the subtle roof shape, altogether combined as letter A. The combination of two shapes resembles partnership and unity as a symbol for AESIA.

We also designed a mascot for this client. We chose the Rangkong bird, or widely known as
the Hornbill. There are various types of hornbills in the world, but Indonesia has the most species of hornbills. Therefore, it symbolizes Aesia as an Indonesian brand that is unique and characteristic.

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