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About Momentum

Momentum Creative is a strategic brand consultant
located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Here is our promise to you:

We promise to help you build a strong brand strategy and beautiful brand identity, complete with converting marketing kit, that will ultimately increase your business revenue.

Why Momentum?

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  • Increase Brand

    Integrated marketing helps your brand be more consistent across all channels and get audience to recognize your brand wherever they are.
  • Optimize

    Integrated marketing communicates your key message better. With better communication, your brand can reduce marketing spending to achieve the same or greater marketing results.
  • Increase Brand

    A lot of brands ignore brand retention in their marketing strategy. The truth is brand retention is one of the most cost efficient marketing out there and Momentum makes sure your brand has loyal fans.

What They Say About Us

  • Dr Grace Judio-Kahl, MSc

    CEO & SlimRightExpert - LightHOUSEIndonesia
    I'm very happy with Momentum's works! Mereka melakukan riset ke klinik-klinik kami untuk mengenal market lebih jauh agar brand/marketing message yang dibuat lebih mengena. Selain itu design packaging dan logo mereka untuk produk kami juga sangat menarik!
  • Melinda Tan

    General Manager - MediFit
    Konsep Branding logo corporate yang diangkat Momentum Creative Agency sangat bagus, unik, dan nggak asal bikin. Segala keputusan branding yang mereka ambil berdasarkan market research yang mendalam. If you're looking to brand your company and/or products, go for Momentum Creative!
  • Harry M Tamin

    Head of Investor Relation - PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk
    Momentum is a new player with many potentials. We've done many projects together with them and they never disappoint. They're always open to new idea, quickly grasp the story, and translate it to beautiful design. Plus, they can come up with great brand copywriting. Way to go, Momentum!
  • Aditya Indrajaya

    Head of Corporate Marketing - PT Danareksa (Persero)
    Momentum dapat menerjemahkan brief dengan baik. Mereka juga memberikan beberapa alternatif desain sehingga memudahkan Client. Ide-ide segar yang diajukan serta desain yang komprehensif, memberikan wawasan baru dan mempercepat proses. Highly recommended

Our Portfolio

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    In this call, you will understand what branding really is and get improvements you can directly apply to your brand.
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