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About Momentum

Momentum is a Revenue-Driven strategic brand consultant based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We help increase your business revenue by creating profitable brand strategy and identity.

Why Momentum?

  • 126 + Satisfied Clients
  • 76 + Brands Built
  • Boosts Your Revenue

    Our clients see an average revenue increase of 12.9%. What does it mean to you if your business grows its revenue by the same figure in the next 3 months?
  • Combination of Experts, Not Just Designer

    Contrary to other agencies that are full of designers, Momentum consists of strategists, copywriters, and digital marketers. All to make your business more profitable.
  • We Care About
    Your Brand!

    When working with Momentum, we will stay with you even after the project ends. We believe that branding is a journey, and what's a journey without a companion?

Our Scope of Work

360° Market & Competitor Research:
Momentum doesn't guess; we research. We use a combination of both qualitative and quantitative approach to ensure we have accurate data in order to craft relevant brand strategy.
Brand Core Essence:
Why is your Brand doing what it is doing? Why should your customers care about your Brand? We will help your Brand find its core essence that will be the new fundamental of your Brand.
Brand Communication Strategy:
What sets your brand apart from your competitors? We condense that idea and translate it into a strong brand concept and strategy in order to make your Brand memorable, discoverable, and profitable.
Brand Identity Development:
How does your brand look? How does it behave? Our goal here is to elevate your business into a lovable brand that will keep bringing new customers.
Integrated Marketing Communications:
Because what is a strong brand if not communicated properly? Our team will create a strong marketing strategy complete with marketing collaterals that will boost your brand revenue.

What They Say About Us

  • Joko Suyanto, SE, MM

    President Director - PT Sentra Modal Harmoni
    Momentum membantu kami get in touch dengan nasabah kami. Mulai dari market research hingga pembuatan brand positioning, Momentum brought our vision into life. Momentum berbeda dibanding agensi branding lainnya.
  • Bayu Utomo

    President Director - PT Taspen Properti Indonesia
    Momentum memberikan end-to-end solutions untuk projek pengembangan apartemen kami Aspena Residence. Mulai dari research, pembuatan konsep, hingga pembuatan identitas dan strategi brand. Hasilnya, kami berhasil menjual 23 unit saat groundbreaking.
  • Ganeca Widyastuti

    Deputy COO - PT Teknovatus Solusi Sejahtera
    Working with Momentum is very fast and simple. Konsep brand yang disediakan oleh Momentum bersifat tepat dan fresh, sangat membantu dalam pembuatan brand anak usaha kami, HiveCloud. Brand communication yang diangkat Momentum berhasil meningkatkan awareness dan conversion rate kami.
  • Melinda Tan

    General Manager - PT Karya Indah Mitratama (MediFIT)
    Konsep Branding yang diangkat Momentum sangat bagus, unik, dan nggak asal bikin. Segala keputusan yang mereka ambil berdasarkan market research yang mendalam. If you're looking to brand your company and/or products, go for Momentum!

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