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About Momentum

Momentum Creative is a strategic design firm
located in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Momentum helps you create an engaging, OJK-approved Annual and Sustainability Report, without the stress.

Why Momentum?

  • 126 + Satisfied Clients
  • 73 + Corporate Report
  • Stress-Free Experience

    We understand that creating annual/sustainability reports can be stressful, especially for the persons-in-charge. From concepting, photography, design, and production, Momentum provides you with a hassle-free and stressless annual report development experience. Working with us reduces headache and saves you time. Time that you can spend better elsewhere. Really. Let us know your preferences, sit back, and relax. We've got it.
  • OJK-Compliant

    Sometimes, OJK regulations can be daunting. Momentum is here to provide you with a team of copywriters and translators that thoroughly understand and keep up with OJK regulations to make sure your company won't get penalized. copywriting is crucial of any report development. We work with the best copywriters that stay updated with any new OJK and GRI regulation so your company won’t be penalized.
  • Highly Committed Resources

    Want to hear a secret? Many design firms take as many projects as they can, often at the cost of YOUR project. You know how some agencies disappear as the deadline approaches? Yeah we don't do that here. Here in Momentum, we are committed to maximize YOUR experience. That's why we limit ourselves to 10 corporate reports per year to ensure YOUR reports get done in time.

Our Promise To You

We understand that annual reports are very time-sensitive. That is why when you decide to work with us, we decide to commit to your project. Our team of designers, copywriters, and translators will work to ensure your project finishes according to the agreed timeline.
The thing about annual reports is that the OJK regulations are ever-changing. Momentum guarantees that by working with us, your reports will be OJK-compliant and your company won't get any penalty.

What They Say About Us

  • Shandy K.

    Corporate Finance - PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk
    Sudah lebih dua tahun Fajar Paper bekerjasama dengan Momentum. Mulai dari pemotretan hingga penulisan dan design Annual Report kami percayakan kepada Momentum. Momentum mengerti seluk beluk peraturan OJK dan best practices penulisan Annual Report. Overall, kami puas dengan kinerja pembuatan Annual Report dengan Momentum.
  • Lana P.

    Financial Planning Manager - PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk
    Alfamart mulai bekerja sama dengan Momentum untuk penulisan, design, dan produksi Annual Report 2019. Tim Momentum sangatlah mengerti dan mengakomodasi semua kebutuhan kami Pengerjaan Annual Report menjadi sangat simpel dan cepat dengan bantuan Momentum Creative. Thank you Momentum!
  • Puput Ria R.

    Corporate Governance Officer - PT Donggi-Senoro LNG
    We began working with the team in 2020 for our 2019 Annual Report. Momentum took ownership of the project and was always quick to respond to any queries or comments, though we were WFH amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They always commit and deliver on time to ensure the project is finished according to the approved timeline.
  • Angelin S.

    Head of Corporate Communication and Branding - PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk
    Ini tahun ketiga Chandra Asri bekerja sama dengan Momentum Creative dalam pembuatan Annual Report. Design-design yang diajukan oleh Momentum selalu fresh dan out of the box. Selain itu, mereka juga membantu memantau kualitas produksi untuk memastikan hasil akhir cetak Annual Report selalu memuaskan. If you are a company looking to develop Annual Report, look no further than Momentum Creative!

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