Does Your Business Need Rebranding?

by Momentum Creative

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Does Your Business Need Rebranding?

Momentum Creative Branding Agency

Written by Momentum Creative

When talking about branding, people almost always talk about logo and color palette.

Truth is, branding is A LOT more than just a simple logo and eye-catching color palette.

To illustrate this idea, let’s look at one of our latest rebranding projects.


LightMEAL: Before Rebranding

Stop reading now, and ask yourself what you felt when you looked at the above image.

  1. Can you guess what the product is?
  2. Looking at the colorful tones, who, do you think, is their target market?

Done? Here is the answer.

  1. LightMEAL is a product of LightHOUSE Indonesia, which focuses in producing and distributing low-calorie food to help their customers lose weight.
  2. LightMEAL price starts from IDR70,000 per meal, which is quite high for one time meal. From their price positioning, we can conclude that LightMEAL’s target market is medium-to-high-class people who are concerned with their weight.

If you feel a disconnect between the image with the perceived target market, then you’ve just seen a case of misbranding.

LightHOUSE works together with Momentum to rebrand their product. We did a thorough competitor research backed with market research and we’ve pieced together a lot of information before we did their rebranding.

Here is what we come up with.

lightmeal after

LightMEAL: After Rebranding

We don’t know about what you think, but we believe this new logo is more consistent with what their product and their target market is.

But wait!

We’re not satisfied with just revamping their logo, so we decided to dig deeper to truly understand what sets LightMEAL apart from their competitors. After further interview, we found out that LightMEAL doesn’t only taste mouth-wateringly delicious, but is also supervised by medical experts. All ingredients are hand-picked and endorsed by dietitian and nutritionist without compromising the taste.

So we thought to ourselves: how do we incorporate those facts into the branding? And here is what we come up with.

LightMEAL Branding

We put in doctor’s note under the meal name to highlight the fact that it’s medically supervised.

LightMEAL Branding

We also designed the ingredients, serving suggestion, and serving size in a medical table to further illustrate this.

LightMEAL Branding

But wait! The taste is also delicious, making diet more fun than it’s supposed to. We incorporated this brand message by using colorful palettes.

At the start of this article, we did say that branding is more than just a simple logo and color palette, so what is it?

In complex words: Branding is what you promise you would do to your customers.

In much-simpler words: Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.


To us, branding is simply a way to differentiate your company by promising something that your competitors don’t, and then translating it into visual assets and customer experience.

With that said, the next time a design agency offers you a branding service WITHOUT actually discussing what makes you different from your competitors, you can politely tell them to go away.

So, do you need rebranding?

Ask yourself this:

  • What do I promise (explicitly and implicitly) to my customers?
  • Has my branding conveyed my promise properly?
  • Am I sure that my corporate design appeals to the RIGHT target market?

If you say no to any of either question #2 or question #3, then yes, you need rebranding.

The good news is, we can help your brand win more businesses! Feel free to look at our previous works or talk to us.

We can’t wait to work together with you to further boost your business revenue!


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