Digital Marketing 101

by Momentum Creative

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Digital Marketing 101

Momentum Creative Branding Agency

Written by Momentum Creative

Digital is king.

Did you know that out of 259 million Indonesians, 88 million are active internet users and 79 million are active social media users?

Users are becoming more and more digital, and so should you marketers.

Just like in conventional marketing, there are three main objectives in digital marketing: awareness, conversion, and retention.

1. Awareness

The first objective of (digital) marketing is awareness, or how to make someone know about your brand.

In conventional marketing, this can be done by using billboard and airing an ad during prime TV show, which costs way, way more compared to in digital marketing.

One of the main advantages of digital marketing is that it’s highly targetable and measurable. Say, for example, you’re running a branding/design/digital marketing firm, would you like your brand to be known by marketing managers or highschoolers?

(If you’re a highschooler and you’re reading this, that means we’ve wasted our marketing budget. Ugh.)

2. Conversion

You can have a million people aware of your brand, but if no one is willing to pay money for your products and/or services, your marketing campaign is useless.

The main advantage of conversion in digital is that it’s highly measurable. You can and should know which marketing campaign brings you the most optimal conversion.

3. Retention

If your marketing campaign is amazing so that people buy your products and/or services but your retention strategy is sub-optimal, your customers will think twice before spending their money on your brand again.

Now, with digital marketing, you can fully comprehend your customers’ behavior and target those who are interested in your brand to boost their loyalty toward your brand.

If you’re interested in growing your brand’s digital marketing strategy, feel free to contact us to get free consultation about how we can grow your brand’s digital presence. Also, don’t forget to check our services and our latest works to stay updated!

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